I just wanna say

Sometimes you have to accept that it’s just a bad day, with all of its unluckiness and cuts and bruises…

I was lonely for few days now… I don’t tolerate seeing people, and I was feeling bad until yesterday, I was getting better, I watched the waves everyday from a distant, I didn’t walk… I just sat there watching and listening…

I was ready to start moving again today, but I fell out, I had a cut in my finger that I didn’t notice until couple of minutes, few scratches that hurts a lot in my arm, my phone’s screen Damaged, and apparently I was finally able to cry!

I cried cause I’m alone, and I didn’t want to…

I cried cause I’m doing my best but yet I’m not there yet.

I cried cause everything I do seems to have unfair meaning… opposite to what I’m really mean.

I cried Cause it hurts, right now… it hurts, the wounding, the feeling, the unsleeping nights, the whatever…

I just saw the scene out of my body, and I felt sorry for myself, and Cried again!

I planned not to move from my bed, then things happened, pushing me outside

I don’t wanna move… I keep hearing this in my mind “I deserve the same empathy I gave others”, but naaah… it doesn’t work like this…

I look fine, I look great, I smile and I laugh, I do whatever makes me look happy, I hid my loneliness in a very deep dark place inside me. And I wish it won’t kill me one day.

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